Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mania Music Group f/ Kane Mayfield, RapMan Ron G., Dappa!!! Dan Midas and Milly July - "Stevie's Wife (Goin' In Part 2)"
Here's a track from Mania Music Group's forthcoming album Welcome To The Audience that serves as an introduction to the label's newest signing, Milly July.

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Kane = wack...always have been, so its obvious this is the best he will ever do...try acting sir
Seriously, who ARE you???

I neeeeeeeeeeeds to know!!!! I don't know why, but I need to know who you are. I'm going to start a petition for you to reveal yourself.
I'll do you one better, Peat:

If Beacon doesn't either 1) identify himself or 2) stop talking pointless shit like his opinion is the only one that matters, I'm just gonna start deleting all his comments and he can live without using my site as a soapbox to be an asshole.
AL u go right ahead and delete my comments, and the hip-hop community will start viewing you in the same light as shaka pitts
I don't know what that means re: Shaka, but listen -- I've spent the last 5 years building a loyal readership here, and you're using MY site to be an anonymous attention whore in front of MY audience. I've given you more than enough fair warning: play nice, or go get your own fucking blog. There's no reason I need to let mine be your playground to talk shit, especially if you're not man enough to stand behind your criticism of others like I do here, all day every goddamn day.
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