Friday, December 11, 2009

This week the Baltimore City Paper ran its annual Top Ten Issue. And in The Year in Local Music, I wrote the blurbs for the #1 album, the Get 'Em Mamis, and the #7 album, Cutthroat and Bear, and also voted for placing albums by Wordsmith and Chubb Rock and Wye Oak, and enjoyed a lot of the other albums on the list. I also voted in The Year in Music list, but I didn't blurb anything and the only album on my ballot that got in the top 10 was DJ Quik & Kurupt.

(photo by Josh Sisk)

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go head GEM!

Powww Powww!!! Gem!!!
Thanks y'all!!! We appreciate more than words can descibe :D, Thanks AL!!! Get on Twitterrrrr plsssssss! Lol
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