Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Get Em Mamis - TerAwesome (RCRD LBL)

When I posted about G.E.M.'s The Road To TerAwesome mixtape last month, I said that it really raised my expectations for the album it was an appetizer for, but to be honest I really didn't expect to see the album this soon. A lot of times when people do teaser mixtapes for albums, they're just stalling and take forever to drop the real album (I have D.O.G.'s 'prequel' mixtape from 4 years ago for an album that still hasn't dropped). So it was really a pleasant surprise last week when I got word that they went ahead and released TerAwesome as a free download on the RCRD LBL site, which is really a good look that will help it get heard by a lot of people. And I'm really happy to say this album totally lived up to my expectations, these girls have come a long way since that first mixtape as Tha Plague a few years ago, they've really stepped up the lyrics and developed an ear for beats and songs. "Soul Talk" and "The Champ" are my favorites right now but it's all pretty good, the only song I don't really like is "ManiacMusic Pt. 1," which has a really cheesy rock guitar loop. It's got 10 new songs in addition to some familiar singles like "Cold Summer" and "Rock Wit Me," Darkroom Productions, DJ Booman and Mania Music Group contributed beats, Kelly Connelly took the photo for the cover, and Lynee' Michelle is featured on one song. Also, I have to be a grammar nerd and point out the cover's mixtape of saying that TerAwesome is a noun but is a combination of "terrific" and "awesome," which are both adjectives.

The Get Em Mamis - "Alpines Kickin'" (mp3)
As good as these girls are at party tracks, it's really cool to hear them do a kind of no-nonsense hardass cruising song like this where they're just flowing like crazy over a nice slow beat.

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All bullshit aside, this may be THEE best local release this year next to EJ's Westside Hustle mixtape. I was FLOORED!!!

The lyracism is just on another level.
EJ's mixtape came out in the summer of '08, but I agree, this G.E.M. record is easily one of the best local releases I've heard in '09.
its a noun because thats the "Place" where u can find
Really??? 08??? Maybe I got it late. lol
Yeah, you got it late:
i just finished listening to it, and i really like this record.
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