Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Claire Hux - Black Is The New Wet (Morsy/Unruly Records)

This has been out for a minute, but I saw Phylicia Rashad doing a Jenny Craig commercial on TV and thought "oh yeah, I need to post about the new Claire Hux mixtape." I probably came across pretty harsh the last time I wrote about their stuff, and it hasn't grown on me a lot more, but I could see how people could like this, it is pretty entertaining at times. I think the combination of falsetto singing, 'clever' sex raps, and Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails samples is kind of a bad look, personally, but it does work on some level as dumb hipster fun. You can download it at

Claire Hux f/ Ced Hughes - "Roll That (DJ Class & Fully Fitted Edit)" (mp3)
As was the case with the last Claire Hux mixtape, my favorite track is a beat jack from a Baltimore club classic, in this case DJ Class's "Roll Dat Shit."

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