Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blaq Starr - I'm Bangin' 2 (JB Starr Productions)

I wrote about The Black Sunn the other day, so it seems only right to talk about Blaq Starr now. This is about a year old now, and I'd heard about it and heard some cuts off it last summer when it came out, but I didn't find anywhere to download the whole thing until recently when I saw that it's on allbmorehiphop.com/blaqstarr.html. The first I'm Bangin' mixtape is still probably my favorite Blaq Starr release to date, really a great document of that '05-'06 era when he was really really killing the clubs in Baltimore. Since then his music has spread out more to other places and other scenes, and he's kinda gotten more experimental and a little less focused on Baltimore club, and the DJs here don't seem to spin his new stuff as much, maybe just because he's not pushing the tracks to them as much since his focus is elsewhere, maybe not, I don't know. But that one, more than Supastarr or King Of Roq, was really my shit, so it's good to hear him do a sequel to that, even if it's in more his new style, more in line with the Rye Rye mixtape, and there's still a lot of dope shit on here I haven't heard before.

Blaq Starr - "Dat La La La" (mp3)
This is awesome, really shows how unique Blaq Starr's ear is for combining different textures, nobody else puts together tracks like this.

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