Monday, September 21, 2009

After DJ Class's own self-directed video for "I'm The Ish" hit YouTube a while back, now finally the 'official' video directed by Iren for Chris Robinson's Robot Films is out. Lotta cameos in there, try to spot 'em all. There's been so many versions of this song floating around now, I was curious which one they'd use or if they'd have any of the guests from the remix, especially since the Lil Jon version was the one with the Billboard chart entry. So I'm relieved it's just Class solo, because to me it's really his song and he deserves the limelight. I don't like the additional synths and background vocals that come in on the 2nd chorus, and the "up in this _____" edit is way better than the "up in here" edit, but at least they didn't use one of those weird versions where he pronounces "ish" like "eesh." No Trivia has a good recent post about this video and some other club music stuff too. If you haven't already check out my article in the Best of Baltimore issue on DJ Class last week.

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this video is hot... I hate givin props to niccaz outside my camp, because it always backfires sooner or later, but im ah go ahead and say that 100 Grand Man's "wet wet (dirty version)" is video of the year in my book..but DJ Class joint definatly runner up, matta fact I might like "Dance Like A Freak" Video a lil more..I dunno lol
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