Sunday, August 16, 2009

Al Great - Greatness (Alevan Music Group/DJ 5 Starr)

I've heard a few projects from Al Great in the past, a couple solos and one from his group Alevan. He still flows way too much like Jay-Z to the point that it's boring, dude needs to get some other influences, kick something more original, something. Paint pictures, don't just trace him, you know? That said, he's got an ear, I fuck with his music. I wanna say what's up to DJ 5 Starr, a while back he gave me his card and was all, e-mail me, I wanna discuss something etc. etc. I e-mailed him, he didn't e-mail me back! Gimme a break, man, waste of my time to type out the address! Like virtually half the mixtapes I write about here lately, it's available for download at and Skarr Akbar designed the cover art (although Kelly Connelly snapped the photo).

Al Great f/ Duce Wayne - "Notice Me" (mp3)
This is by far my favorite track on the mixtape, partly because it's got a dope beat by E Dott of Alevan, and partly because it's one of the only original productions on the whole thing and just sticks out like a sore thumb for that reason. I said this last time but I really hope they go and do another Alevan project, there aren't enough good MC/producer duos and all these Al Great freestyle mixtapes just make him sound more anonymous.

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I think Al Great is great! I absolutely love "Knockin' Doors Down." Wish he'd play more.
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