Monday, July 16, 2007

Al Great - Address The Haters (Alevan Productions/Akbar Enterprize)

You might remember the MC/producer duo Alevan whose album I wrote about last year, who are affiliated with Skarr Akbar. This is a solo mixtape from '06 by one half of the group, Al Great, although the other member of Alevan, E. Dott, comes through to produce 4 tracks in between all the freestyles. He flows over a lot of old Nas beats on here, although he sounds really influenced by Jay-Z to me. I love the title and the artwork concept, it cracks me up that it says "Mr. Hater & Company" on the cover. Check out Al Great and Alevan on MySpace.

Al Great - "Touch My Cheddar" (mp3)
This is a nice cut produced by Disco, where he cuts up the sample from "Warning" and chops up a Biggie line for the hook, I'm feeling this one.

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