Saturday, November 04, 2006

Alevan - Came Here 4 (Alevan, Inc.)

At the C Love/DNA showcase at Sonar back in August, some guy was handing out CDs and gave one to me. Never heard of Alevan, but there was a song with Skarr Akbar on it, so I took it home and listened. Alevan is a duo comprised of Al Great and E. Dott, and the group name is derived from their first names (Alexander and Evan). The whole album is full of those kinds of plush, shiny, sentimental beats that sound kind of soft in the context of the average rap album, but lined up all together they kind of create a nice unique vibe, E. Dott did all the beats and I like his style. Check out Alevan on MySpace.

Alevan - "Back @ It" (mp3)
This is one of the more upbeat songs, the drums kinda remind me of "Hate It Or Love It," some hot strings on the chorus too.

Alevan f/ Beano and Skarr Akbar - "Take It From Me" (mp3)
Skarr does the hook and the hottest verse on here, dude never disappoints.

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These are my dudes! Al the Great is a real cutie...LOL!
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