Thursday, June 18, 2009

James Nasty - Good Times EP (Club City Records)

James Nasty is a Baltimore club producer that first sent me some music last year, and I recently decided to feature him in my Club Beat column. I don't usually cover a lot of newer club guys unless a lot of DJs are already playing their stuff, but Nasty really got my respect right off the bat with some breakbeat-heavy tracks that really capture the same vibe as a lot of my favorite '90s club music. This is his latest 4-song EP available from his website, the title track is a remix of the TV show's theme song.

James Nasty - "Drinkers Anthem" (mp3)
This is one of those great examples of someone taking a little piece of dialogue from a movie or a comic's stand-up routine -- in this case Bill Cosby -- and picking the perfect parts to chop up into a club track.

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