Wednesday, April 30, 2008

James Nasty - Jump Off (Club City Records)

James Nasty is a producer from Baltimore that I was contacted by recently about some club tracks he's been making lately. I guess his previous experience was mainly in hip hop, and he's just now trying to make a name for himself in the Baltimore club scene, but judging from the tracks I've heard, he's definitely got a handle on the classic breakbeats and the whole tempo and vibe already, which a lot of newer club producers don't seem to have mastered yet. Jump Off is a single he's released or is going to release soon on vinyl, and his label Club City Records already has a website with a Snocap store selling mp3s of some tracks. The a-side of the single, "Jump Off," features sampled vocals by SkillRaw who had collaborated with James Nasty extensively before passing away last year, and there are several different mixes and remixes of that track on the single, along with another song called "You So Hawt."

James Nasty - "You So Hawt" (mp3)
This track was also on the first release James Nasty sent me, an EP he put together, Nasty Girls, before deciding to release this single instead, and it was the first track that really grabbed my attention even then. The main sample is T-Pain's verse from Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss," but the track really adds a lot around that vocal loop, little horn riffs and layered breakbeats, I could really hear this one working in a club with all the big Bmore hits of the moment, DJs might pick up on this one quicker than the a-side.

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