Tuesday, March 10, 2009

King Tutt - The Evolution EP (Unruly Records)

When I picked King Tutt as the best club music producer in the City Paper's 2007 Best Of Baltimore issue, I was really trying to look ahead, and find someone less known that was showing a lot of potential, instead of just giving the award to someone more established who'd already gotten it before like Rod Lee or Blaq Starr. And King Tutt already had some classics under his belt, like "Shake My Ass" and "African Chant," by that point, but I feel like he really has been making a name for himself more and more in the year or so since then, and this EP that Unruly released last year really solidified that.

King Tutt - "Let's Go" (mp3)
I remember before this EP was out and I went to Tutt's house to interview him for my Club Beat column, and when he played this track my eyes just got real big, like I just couldn't believe these loud bold synths he was working with.

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