Saturday, October 25, 2008

A quick post of Baltimore club music news:

- This week Unruly Records officially announced the deal it signed with the country's biggest independent record company, Koch Entertainment. As had been reported at the time of K-Swift's death in July, the Koch deal was just about to happen when she passed away, and now the first Unruly/Koch release will be her final mix CD, due out on December 12th.

- Last week Michael Byrne wrote a great review in the City Paper of the new 410 Pharaohs and Labtekwon albums.

-Mass Appeal ran a Blaq Starr feature recently which includes his recipe for quiche.

- No Trivia recently began a Baltimore Club Week with a post about DJ Excel but cut it short after Blogger took down another post because of some copyright infringement shit (I recently had the same thing happen to a couple posts on my other blog, Narrowcast, but just re-posted them without the mp3 links).

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