Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Letter To K Swift

Dear Swift -

Weeks have gone by and hours have past, but there hasn't been a minute that we have forgot about you. Not having the words to say or the sight of your smile in the office has been the hardest thing for us to deal with.

Knowing that you had the biggest weekend of your life surrounded by your friends, music and Baltimore meant the world to you. You took over the Paradox and owned your DJ booth, you grabbed the mic at ArtScape and gave your final introduction with pride and respect to your peers after ripping the turntables and blessing the mic over a sea of fans...

We've always supported you with whatever you wanted to do and we're honored to carry on your dream...

Now that the phones have stopped ringing, the emails are no longer in the inbox, the blogs have stopped posting and the rumors have vanished we can now take time to remember you the way we knew you best, as our "Club Queen"...

It is now our responsibility to continue your work... And refresh the minds of those who had an opportunity to know you and bring life to those who didn't know who you were.

Everything that you did for your community we will continue to see it through, everything you taught the next generation we will continue to teach and everything you did for music we will continue to let people hear.

"Your heart will continue to beat through your music"...

-The Unruly Records Family

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