Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Club Queen K-Swift - Jumpoff Vol. 14: The Queens Edition (Unruly Records)

About a week before K-Swift passed away, I posted about one of her last mixes, Jumpoff Vol. 13, and noted that the next one was already out and I needed to catch up on that. So after her death, one of the many things that went through my head was, man, I need to get that last mix that came out in April, complete my collection. Because I always copped pretty much everything I ever saw by her, well over a dozen CDs, and getting the latest K-Swift mix was always the best way to keep up on what was new in Baltimore club (well, second best, after listening to her radio show). There are still a lot of people dropping club CDs, and I'll keep picking up those, but I'll really miss knowing there's a new K-Swift release coming around the corner every 3 months or so. And it really felt like she was looking to the future with this last one.

The only really well known producers on here are younger guys, Say Wut and Blaq Starr, and everyone else is really young and up and coming: DJ Pierre, DJ B-Eazy, Lil Jay, guys like that. I've interviewed a lot of those producers over the years, and all of them always talked about how much of an impact K-Swift had on their careers, how her putting one of their tracks on a CD or on the radio made a huge impact on their lives. The Club Queen online store appears to be still up since her death, so I guess someone is still running that site and processing orders, although I don't know that for certain. But this CD is still readily available in the Club Kingz music store and at the Sound Garden and probably at some DTLR locations, too, all those places have a ton of her CDs still on shelves right now, so you might want to stock up on your K-Swift collection while you still can.

J-Roc - "Crown The King" (mp3)
Last year, I got kind of excited about the fact that DJ Tigga sampled the beat from a song by Comp, because that to me was an extremely rare example of a Baltimore club track that sampled a local hip hop artist's track, as opposed to a national mainstream rapper. And the same thing is going on here with this track, which sampled "So Fresh" by Bossman, a single he put out last year that I posted on this site a couple times. I always loved that beat and what J-Roc does with it here is pretty cool. I showed this track to the original song's producer, Nieze from One Up, the other day, and he seemed to get a kick out of it.

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