Friday, January 19, 2007

K-Swift - Jumpoff Vol. 8: Next Level Edition (Next Level/Unruly Records)

I got this back when it dropped in October but took a while to get around to posting about it, in fact the next Jumpoff mixtape is already out, although I haven't heard it yet. I've got a ton of K-Swift CD's and they're always the best way to keep up with the new Baltimore club tracks. I have to admit, though, I've been a little less interested in hearing her mixes lately since it's become apparent that most of the music that she spins is by teenage rappers signed to her Next Level label (Deuce Tre Deuce, Tay-Eazy, A-Ma-Zon, Prince, Nazz-D, plus I think Young Leek was originally with Next Level), or by club producers who are affiliated with her. Most of the producers, like Blaq Starr and NSW (Say What), are dope, so that's not really a problem, and now and then the kiddie rappers make a hot track, but it still feels like a pretty blatant conflict of interest and maybe an abuse of her position of power as the most popular club DJ on 92Q. I can't really hate, though, there's a ton of great tracks on here and of course it's an Unruly product.

Tigga - "Independence Day" (mp3)
The melody line from this track is sampled from "Groupie," a Comp song that appeared on his Independence Day mixtape. I think that's pretty interesting because, of all the instances of MCs remixing Baltimore club tracks, and Bmore club producers remixing popular hip hop songs, this might be the first time I've ever heard a Baltimore club producer sample a Bmore hip hop track. In a weird small way, that seems like a milestone. I've only been seeing Tigga tracks on club CD's for the past year or so, so maybe they're a newer producer, but they've got some hot tracks.

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