Monday, June 23, 2008

DJ Pierre - Vol. 4: The Chosen One (Bounce Alot Productions)

DJ Pierre is a producer I interviewed for a Club Beat column a while back who's only 17 years old and still in high school, really part of this new school of Baltimore club producers that are kids from the city who kinda build more on Blaq Starr-type tracks than classic club and bring their own slant to it, and has been breaking into the scene with K.W. Griff and K-Swift playing his beats on the radio. I got a bunch of mixes from him, this is just the latest or one of the latest, featuring 8 of Pierre's own tracks alongside music by established producers like Say Wut, Blaq Starr, DJ Tigga, K.W. Griff, Mike Mumbles, and fellow up-and-comers like DJ B-Eazy, DJ R.Dot Smif, DJ J.Roc and DJ Mugshott. And his MySpace page has a bunch of special mixes he made for the MySpace player. DJ Pierre spins at the the Remix Tour every Friday at Contrast Hall.

DJ Pierre & DJ Lil Matic - "Tear It Up" (mp3)
I've written before about the countless DMX samples in Baltimore club, and one of my favorites has always been the hook from Yung Wun's "Tear It Up," which was turned into dope club tracks by both Rod Lee and DJ Chris J. But this one takes the sample onto some whole other shit that I can't even really describe, it's awesome.

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