Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DMX is performing this Thursday at Sonar (with local crews South Paw Ent. and The Kartel opening), and you might not know this, but Earl Simmons was born here in Baltimore. And X himself probably doesn't know what Baltimore club music is, or that producers here have been sampling his voice and chopping it up over dance beats for years. Someday I might do a post of Lil Jon samples in club music (although that'd probably be dozens of tracks), but here's some of my favorite Bmore club tracks with DMX loops:

King Tutt - "That's How We Do It" (mp3)

DJ Ron Rico - "What You Heard" (mp3)

KW Griff - "I Love This Song" (mp3)

DJ Jonny Blaze - "Turned Against Me" (mp3)

Rod Lee & DJ Technics - "Luv My Niggas" (mp3)

Rod Lee - "Buss 2001 Remix" (mp3)

Rod Lee - "Tear It Up" (mp3)

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definitely took me back with a couple of these... I remember seeing X downtown when I was in high school at Poly and used to flip my MTA vouchers to ride the Light Rail down near City Hall. From interviewing him a few years ago, I can tell you that he's at least aware of Baltimore club music; at the time, there might have been 1-2 tracks sampling his vocals, and he knew about joints like "Alcoholics..." and stuff...

Good looks on this page; been checking it for a while to keep up with the bubbling local scene back home while I'm up in Boston for grad school... looking forward to your upcoming posts; in addition to Lil' Jon samples, I think a one-off of some of the bigger club tracks referencing Motown samples would be a great theme as well...


DJ E-Nygma
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