Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ab Rock - The Mid Midlife Crisis (Rockmics Entertainment)

I don't like to throw around phrases like "long-awaited" when talking about an album, but I really have been waiting on Ab Rock's second album for a good long while, considering I was posting flyers saying it would drop in Fall 2006 on this page way back then. But after all the waiting and a teaser mixtape and a collaborative EP with J.S.O.U.L. the album finally dropped earlier this month. The joint Ab Rock/E Major album release party at Fletcher's a few weeks ago was really one of the best local rap shows I've seen lately, they really did their thing with the live bands and made it feel like an event.

Ab Rock's a real talented dude who brings his own kind of semi-grown folks perspective to his music, which ties together the whole title and theme of this album together. More than half of the tracks feature an R&B singer, usually Marc Evans or Che Ray, so there's a pretty heavy melodic element to the album, but it's not too soft or commercial. Guest MCs include Ogun, Sean Toure, Chuck Maddox and E Major, who produces a track, in addition to other producers like Ms. Tris Beats, G Major and Zukeeny. The tracks that you might've heard already are the single "Who (Do You Think You Are)" and still one of my personal favorites, "With Ease" from Breaking Ground, Vol. 1. Ab Rock performs at Eden's Lounge for Organic Soul Tuesdays next week on April 29th.

Ab Rock - "In Ya Area" (mp3)
This one's produced by Jankin and I like it, really different kinda vibe.

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