Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Say-Wut - Crank It! (Unruly Records/Horsemen Entertainment)

This week in the City Paper I reviewed the new album by one of my favorite Baltimore club producers, Say-Wut, who I interviewed last year in my Club Beat column. I don't really have anything to say about it that I didn't cover in the review, but it's being sold at Downtown Locker Room, go check it out. The mix also features tracks by Rod Lee, K.W. Griff, King Tutt, and the Chavy Boys Of London, which is a new group name being used by Scottie B. and Sean Caesar, as explained in this interview (although it's funny to me that Scottie says King Tutt "was named producer of the year by a local publication. I don’t want name it by name," I wonder why he didn't want to mention City Paper there).

Say-Wut - "Gangsta" (mp3)
This is definitely my favorite track of his on here that I hadn't heard before, awesome synth part and marching snare drums.

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