Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007's most posted topics on Government Names

About a year ago, I started making use of Blogger's posting labels, and tagging pretty much every post on Gov't Names to denote what kind of post it is (usually either a flyer for a show, or a review of a mixtape or album with an mp3), or what artists are involved. And I thought it'd be interesting, at the end of the year, to figure out what tags I used the most in 2007. The first number in parantheses is how many posts used that tag in 2007, and the second number is for the entire history of Gov't Names:

1. flyer (361/704)
2. mp3 (103/225)
3. 5 Seasons (102/202)
4. mixtape/album review (80/161)
5. Baltimore club music (76/144)
6. Sonny Brown (60/115)
7. Turntable Club (53/63)
8. Hip Hop 101 (48/84)
9. Bossman (42/110)
10. Ogun (40/81)
11. Sonar (39/64)
12./13. (tie) Comp (38/83) / DJ Booman (38/50)
14./15. (tie) Mullyman (36/92) / Baltimore City Paper (36/86)
16. Skarr Akbar (35/81)
17. Team Fifty (34/76)
18. magazines/newspapers (29/78)
19. Jade Fox (27/29)
20. B.O.M.B. (24/27)
21./22./23. (tie) Say Wut (23/27) / UnReal (23/44) / Ray Lugar (23/34)
24./25. (tie) Blaq Starr (21/40) / Tim Trees (21/45)

That includes 11 rappers, 3 Baltimore club producers, and 3 venues, among other things. Obviously I post about whatever and whoever I want, and I pay closer attention to some artists than others, and don't have tags for many artists I don't post about as often. But I only really post when they're something noteworthy, and each of those numbers represents a time that that artist played a show, or was on a mixtape, or appeared in the press or something. And Sonny Brown is the highest artist on the list mainly because of how many shows he hosted and organized, although hopefully this year he'll have more music to post about. So if you really want to know who grinded hardest in 2007, I'd say this list gives you a pretty good idea of that. And if you feel like I missed you or somebody by not posting about them enough, obviously you just need to make sure I get all your flyers and mixtapes in 2008. Happy new year.

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