Monday, February 05, 2007

You might've noticed this already, but since I moved the site over to the new Bogger site in the past few days, I've been adding tags for every post for topics. So basically, if you click on the labels, you can see all the posts about that topic, like if you want to read all my Government Names posts about a particular rapper, or about The Wire, or Baltimore club music, or even recent flyers or posts with mp3s. Hopefully this is helpful for people navigating the site, so give me some feedback if you like it or have any suggestions. Ironically, this is one of the few posts that I can't think of any relevent tags to put on. I've already tagged most of my posts and should be done with all of them soon (I'm only labelling the ones that are about Baltimore music, so I'm not tagging most of the stuff from the blog's first year or so that was about other rap or was written by other contributors).

Yeah the tags help out alot. It can narrowdown the exact subject u are tryna get to.
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