Friday, November 24, 2006

Midas - Pay-Per-View (Team Green/Beat Game)

Midas is, aside from being a really talented MC who's won Style Warz and a few other battles, a good dude and easily one of the most humble and down to earth people I've met in this scene, and the fact that he's only 21 makes it even crazier. So I was real happy to get a review of his debut solo mixtape in the City Paper this week. Earlier this year I wrote about the Team Green mixtape he appeared on, and a couple months ago I posted the single "Hater Face" from this mixtape, which was originally called The Arcade. The mixtape just dropped this week and you can buy it off his MySpace page, and E Major did a great job on the cover art.

Midas - "The Man With The Golden Gun" (mp3)
Akira The Great produced most of the tracks on here, and he always comes with the hot samples, I didn't even know Midas could flow doubletime like that.

Midas - "MayDay!" (mp3)
I posted here a while back about Logik of Loaded Clipz Entertainment, and he produced one of the best tracks on here.

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