Saturday, September 23, 2006

E Major - The Major General Mixtape (DJ Impulse/Undersound Music)

Eyekon decided earlier this year to change his name because I guess there was another rapper with a similiar handle or something, and this mixtape is his first release as E Major. His label, Undersound Music, released a compilation, Breaking Ground Vol 1 a few months ago, and although I was kinda negative in my review of it, it was mostly my bias against backpacker-type rap, and some of it has grown on me since then. This mixtape kinda shows him in a different light though, freestyling over some mainstream beats and doing some more aggressive material, but still sticking with his own style most of the time. If you to the Undersound Music website there should be a pop-up you can click on to download the whole mixtape, but I'll give you a couple of samples anyway:

E Major - "So Dope" (mp3)
Nice beat choice, one of my favorite DJ Premier tracks.

Tislam and E Major - Freestyle (mp3)
Tislam The Great hosts Season The Microphone Mondays at the Yabba Pot, and his song "That Feelin'" was one of my favorite tracks on the Undersound compilation. This is a nice quick little freestyle track.

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