Tuesday, August 16, 2005

After I posted that CP article about Ammo, I got a comment from Wink, (co-CEO of Real On Purpose Ent. who works w/ Ogun, Ammo and Profound), who told me about the website for their new group, the Gritty Gang and a show they were doing the following Tuesday at Club 429 at Franklin and Eutaw. So I went and checked it out, one of those disarmingly clean, well lit clubs where the stage is just a tiled rectangle in the middle of the carpeted floor, kinda laid back vibe (the flyer said "dress code: DO YOU"), people just there to perform or see their friends perform or support other artists. Tyree Colion was the first and last performer, and that was about the 4th time he's popped up at a show that I didn't even know he was gonna be at in the past year, I still need to get some of his music. The Gritty Gang did their thing, Ogun did his new single although oddly nothing from his album that just dropped like 4 months ago. Ammo did "Gully Musick", and man, that song is fucking sick, I like it more every time I hear it. I saw Wink and talked to him for a couple minutes although unfortunately I didn't find him later to get some CDs or something from him (also, Wink, who did the "Gully Musick" beat?).

Lot of other people that I wasn't familiar with came out and performed, some of them had free CD's in the lobby, these guys Dyverse and "Rich" had albums out there, they did alright. Some kids from D.C. performed, and they really worked their asses off to get a good response from the audience, because you know there's always gonna a little bit of an attitude between Baltimore and D.C. people. And there was also this local kid called Diablo who had a real catchy song that I was glad that he had a single for out in the lobby called "Jail Flick". You wouldn't think a song about taking pictures in jail would be all anthemic, but that's a catchy-ass song, had everyone in there going "jail flick, AHHHH, jail flick, AHHHH".

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