Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Yung Huslas - Strickly Business Volume One (R.A.R.E. Entertainment)

The first time I saw Heat 187 and SL Danga of The Yung Huslas was once or twice last year when they performed with Tyree Colion, these two teenagers that he'd kinda taken under his wing as proteges. But I didn't really start checking for them until a few months ago when SL Danga was a runner-up at Style Warz and he really impressed me, a real funny charismatic dude who could rhyme and didn't really look or sound as young as he is. And now that Tyree is off the label, The Yung Huslas are R.A.R.E. Ent.'s top priority, and I think SL has a solo mixtape dropping next. Skarr Akbar hosted this mixtape and produced several tracks, and you know that anything he's cosigning is gonna be the shit. His beats on this are kinda weird, different from the kind of thing he does on his own songs, which is kinda cool, it's like he's using their records to test out a new style. Verb from Dirty Hartz appears on a couple tracks too. With Young Leek and all these other teenage rappers like Tay Eazy and A-maz-on all over 92Q these days, it's good to have some young rappers like Ammo and the Yung Huslas in Baltimore making harder music too, to prove you don't have to be a pop rapper making club records just because you're under 18. Check out R.A.R.E. and The Yung Huslas on MySpace and can cop the mixtape.

The Yung Huslas - "Sick Shit" (mp3)
One of the best Skarr beats on here.

The Yung Huslas f/ Tyree Colion and Skarr Akbar - "Hustler's Spirit" (mp3)
Free Colion! Crazy lineup on this cut.

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"Like That" is my fave off the CD

got your message....thank you a mil for coming out! You know....i understand!
The Cd is Off the the Chain I gotta Give Credit When Its Do. The Boy Skarr Switch The Game on Niggaz and Help The Lil Guys Out Alot With The Production........." If you ever Seen Baltimore Real Talk DVD.....You Casn see and Hear Skarr Making Some Of The Trackz Thats On there..........Baltimore Is Tha Bizness I can't Wait To the Guy gets His Shot He Deserves It More Than These Other Niggaz
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