Saturday, August 19, 2006

Skarr Akbar - The Bidding War Starts Now! (DJ Radio/Streetsweepers/Akbar Enterprize)

Last week I talked about The Cerebellum on here, and this week in the City Paper I've got a review of 3 of Skarr's recent mixtapes, including that one and this, which he released at the C Love/DNA event at Sonar last month. Skarr was also the last act of the night and just killed it with the short amount of time he was given. He's gonna be back at their event this month again, and at the Street Radio release party this Sunday too, so check those out for a chance to pick up the new CDs. I wrote a feature on Skarr in CP last year too. This mixtape is alright, a few really hot new songs and a lot of freestyles and old tracks. There's a couple of freestyles "with" Jay-Z and Eminem but it's not really them, or at least it's definitely someone doing an impression of Jay-Z (I wonder if it's NOE?).

Skarr Akbar - "Bang" (mp3)
This is Skarr's current single and it's pretty crazy, first time I've heard 92Q play a Skarr song multiple times when he wasn't a guest on Rap Attack. It's a real hard song but could really start to get him some of the attention he deserves.

Skarr Akbar - "Die Know" (mp3)
Sounds more like he's saying "die now," maybe the title is a typo. But it's such a dark, intense track, reminds me of "Judgement Day" from the Gritty Gang mixtape, which might be one of my favorite Skarr tracks ever.

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