Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Real2Real - Playground Legends (Street Official Records/Headnod Entertainment)

Real2Real (not to be confused with the dance music dude Reel 2 Real who did "I Like To Move It") is a rap group from Baltimore that's been around for about 10 years. They released their first full-length last year, and this mixtape dropped a few months ago. The three main members of the group are Wylie McCreory, LefTy, and Sheist T, but there's also appearances by J Stone, Big Moon and Typheni. Street Official is also the label that brought you recent releases from Barnes and Tha Annexx Click, so they've got a good track record, and Banga Bill produces a couple tracks on here. The first half is real heavy on freestyles but towards the end of the CD there's more original songs. Their song "Bmore City" recently appeared on the C Love/DNA mixtape.

Real2Real - "The Oath" (mp3)
Probably my favorite track with the whole group on it, crazy hi-hat triplets on one of the illest beats I've heard lately, produced by Velly.

Wylie McCreory - "Rap Or Hustle" (mp3)
Wylie McCreory seems like the most prominent member of the group throughout the mixtape, and this is his one solo track that isn't a freestyle, produced by Phat Head.

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BY far...the best Hip Hop group in Bmore! no doubt!

Wylie is a monsta!

Great dudes! I respect them so much!
I dont want anyone to diss me or write a diss track about me so....lemme correct myself

"...Best MALE Hip Hop group in Bmore....."

LOL! j/k sheesh!!
lol...I swear, the worst part about doing the Best Of Baltimore issue is knowing that someone is gonna catch feelings off it in some way you won't expect.
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