Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blaq Starr's official site,, is now up and you can order the CD I wrote about here a while back, I'm Banging. His album is dropping in October, and he's got a 12" on Mad Decent Records coming out soon, too. Here are some of my favorite recent records that he's produced:

Deuce Tre Deuce - "Hands Up Thumbs Down" (mp3)
Deuce Tre Deuce is a trio signed to K-Swift's Next Level label, along with Tay-Eazy and A-maz-on, and they were all on Rap Attack last week. I used to think the girl on the chorus was calling Baltimore "B-town," but it turns out she's saying "d-town" as in downtown, which is even weirder. Apparently the Deuce Tre Deuce kids are all originally from New York but have lived in Baltimore for 10 years. I posted the original club version of this months ago, but like "Ryda Gyrl" and "Slyde To The Left" it's kind of become a whole other thing once rappers got on it.

Woody Rock f/ Blaq Starr - "Rock Starrz" (mp3)
Woody from Dru Hill has some new project called Da Woodz, I don't know if that's a group or if this is it or what, but this tracks been getting some spins lately and it's pretty catchy. I love that little trumpet riff.

Blaq Starr - "Baltimore Style" (mp3)
This is the slowest beat I've ever hear him do, rapping over a straight up Southern rap track. I think his solo album is gonna be him rapping on some tracks and singing on others.

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