Wednesday, September 20, 2006

2006's Best of Baltimore issue, the City Paper's biggest undertaking of the year, is out this week. So pick up the whole big thick thing and flip through it, and maybe keep it around all year for whenever you're trying to figure out where to eat or whatever. The blurbs aren't credited to individual writers but I wrote the following:

Best Club DJ: K-Swift
Best Club Music Producer: Debonair Samir
Best MC: Verb of Dirty Hartz
Best Hip-Hop DJ: DNA
Best Record Label: Unruly Records
Best Place To Heart Hip-Hop: 5 Seasons
Best Weekly Event: Sonny Brown's Old School Mondays

Congrats to all of the above. Don't be mad if you're not in it this year, just grind harder next year. The Arts & Entertainment section is full of Baltimore club music and hip hop: Blaq Starr's "Hands Up Thumbs Down" and "Ryda Gyrl," Baltimore club music clips on YouTube, 92Q, "Momentz" by Killa Kamillions, Strictly Hip Hop, Baltimore Club Tracks Radio, ShellBe RAW, Golden Seal, Young Leek, and Darkroom Productions. But my favorite surprise of the issue was that the Best Neighborhood award went to Upper Fells Point, where I live, which I totally agree with.

(illustration by Alex Fine)

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Thank you so much al.. this really put the flame under me. The only thing is.. I left major league going on 6 months and Oldschool mondays is actually Mr. but hey it's all good though.. to be mentioned and looked upon and honored for what i do down there is enough and man al... i REALLY appreciate you as a writer and a voice for local hiphop here in baltimore... i'll get at you on MYSPACE...

I second that motion!

Thanks for always reporting what's going on here!

You're a huge part of the success of this new budding scene in B-More.
ah, my bad, Sonny, I didn't know that it was technically Mr. Wilson's event or that you weren't with MLU anymore, I just assumed you still were since I always Drake and Mully at Old School Mondays. but thanks for the props, it was fun playing judge at the battle the other night.
great job as usual, AL!
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