Friday, August 12, 2005

Major League Unlimited presents: Mullyman - Believe In H.I.M. hosted by DJ Gemini

I copped a different Mullyman mixtape a while back, The Leak Mixtape, that I never wrote about because it was only like 37 minutes and had tracks I already wrote about on it, and he had another one earlier this year, but this is the current one that they're selling at the Believe shows and on his website, to get up the buzz for the Mullymania album, which is dropping on August 23rd. It’s got some old songs like "Oh Baltimore" and "From The Heart" w/ Freeway, new freestyles (over the "Drop It Like It's Hot" remix beat, "The Corner", "Diamonds", "I'm A Hustla", etc.), a couple teasers of "Home Of Da Realest" but not the full song, some music from other Baltimore/MLU people like Mr. Wilson, Black Lo, Sonny Brown, Young Blip, Nik Stylz (Mully’s sister), Bless, C.R.


That song I talked about a few months ago that has the same beat as Lil Mo's "Dem Boyz", some good verses here, Mully just really going at it, and I love playing spot the reference: club tracks (hey down the hill!), Skinny Suge, Squirrel Wyde from 92Q, etc.

"Gangsta Wit Me" f/ Comp, Backland and Sonny Brown

Produced by Jay Funk, who did some other good local joints like Norm Skola's "Nobody Move", MLU collab with 2 of the hottest in Baltimore, the kid on Def Jam and the kid that was on 106 & Park, Backland just doing the hook. Mully and Sonny did their verses from this at the Believe shows, Sonny on the best verse, saying it kind of smooth instead of how he shouts it live.

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Hey Al ya'll got a great blog here.
Ya'll prolly know enough to answer me this... Paul Wall and a DC native have a track out, i dont know the DC cats name and didnt catch the track title cuz it was on during a mix. if ya'll could give me the 411 would be much appreciated!
The groups name is The Young Farmers and the song is called " Lock Down".
The label is One Way Records. They also have a song with Mullyman and
Sonny Brown(Major League
Unimited). Keep your ear to the streets.
Just wanted to say:this blog is f*cking genius! Holy shit! I'm from NY, and used to champion that Texas music back when nobody up here was feeling it. Now it's major....s'cool.

Anyway, everything about this blog is outtasite. The writing, the music....keep up the good work.

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