Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ogun - "Ever Since I Saw You" (mp3)
Fresh off winning a Baltimore Crown Award, Ogun just released the first single from his upcoming album Count Me In. DJ Excel produced "Ever Since I Saw You," and it's kind of a revamp of a song of his own, "All Nite Long," which was one of my favorite Baltimore club tracks of last year. So it's cool to hear a new version of that beat with Ogun on a club track for pretty much the first time ever, as far as I know (not counting the song with Blaq Starr, which wasn't very club). Ogun's also opening for the Sugar Hill Gang on Wednesday.

(photo by by Tya Eyeni Anthony)

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this is a grower. I like more and more as i hear it. I almost hated the first time I heard it though.

I'd like to hear Ogun do a more aggressive club song though.
I like this. Its sounds different as hell. Wasn't expecting it at all. I think djs would play it in bmore not sure out of state but I think females will like this
wow! Banger in my eyes!I look at at like this, imagine if it wasn't ogun...
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