Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unruly Club Classics Vol. III (Unruly Records)

Unruly is pretty much the most important label in the history of Baltimore club music, and though they've put out some fairly big local records in the past year (like Mullyman's album and K-Swift's Vol. 6 mix), this new Club Classics double CD comp, which I believe just came out today, is really shaping up to be their big push to re-establish themselves now that there's actually a booming market for club music outside Bmore. I just reviewed the album for Stylus Magazine, and one of my editors at the City Paper, Jess Harvell, reviewed it last week. I would've given it a higher rating, but I'm just not that crazy about the unmixed format of the first disc. But still, there's a lot of good club music on here, and I hope they sell a hell of a lot of records with this. I haven't written about club music here on Gov't Names much at all in the past few months, because this is a hip hop site first and foremost, and lately I've been really focused on the Bmore hip hop movement, while club music's been getting plenty of press on its own. Plus I'm not really a clubgoer, I go to hip hop shows all the time but I don't really hang out at Hammerjacks or whatever, to me it's always been more driving music or music to rock out to at home when I'm in the mood for it. But I do know there are people out there that check GN for club music posts, so I might get back to posting about it a little more often in the future.

Debonair Samir - "Throw It Up" (mp3)
At some point a year or two ago, I was getting really sick of hearing Lil Jon samples in every other club song, but this one of the tracks I always fucked with. It cracks me up how at the beginning of the track Samir shouts his own name in his best Lil Jon impression (although actually he sounds more like Bone Crusher or someone else).

DJ Snoopy and Lil Mama - "Hand Clap" (mp3)
I always like these club joints that namecheck as many neighborhoods and clubs as possible.

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