Saturday, August 28, 2010

Si-Notes - Cash On Delivery (Gritty Gang/ARS Productions)

The past couple years I've been paying attention to Si-Notes as one of the newer female MCs in Baltimore to watch, good guest spots on NOE and Gritty Gang mixtapes and performances at Sonar and the Black Hole. But this is my first time finally hearing a full length solo project from her, and while as usual I'm tempted to complain about all the freestyles and relative lack of original production, but there's a good beat selection and she's definitely got some flows and some charisma. Architects and Ogun executive produced this and Skarr Akbar did the artwork. The song "Going Down" with Chyna Doll, Cash and Shy Lady Heroin that I posted a few months ago is on here, and there are also guest appearances by Caddy Da Don, Mykeey and others. You can download it on

Si-Notes - "Throw Dat Money Up" (mp3)
This is cool, pretty anthemic track.

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It's a good mixtape, she's definitely charismatic, I can dig it. My fave track might be 'Good bye" though. She kills it.
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