Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chyna Doll, Cash, Si-Notes and Shy Lady Heroin - "Going Down" (mp3)
Four female MCs from Baltimore who actually do shows and make records getting together and collaborating on an entertaining song >>>> someone I've never even heard of getting national press for a publicity stunt YouTube diss of a mainstream artist she doesn't even know.

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This song is crazy as hell.... lol... now will c love probably lose her mind.... possibly...lol
LOL @ Ogun!! I was there to see this greatness happen!! This to me was a great thing!! 4 females coming together on a song!! Si-Notes, Shy, Cash, and Chyna Doll went in on this song!! I personally can't wait to hear more collabos from these 4 ladies as well as others in the Baltimore scene!!
I love Baltimore Women!!!!
I think the link broke.
Sharebee is just down right now, I had to upload today's link to another site. If it's still down later today or tomorrow I'll start replacing some of the recent mp3 links that are on Sharebee.
# 4 on the main player @ allbmorehiphop.com
Thanks big homie.

Listened, and it's NOT my cup of tea. I'll pass.
i need to listen to it carefully..since the hero is calling me out by name....LOL!

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