Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Boy Blesst - Show-N-Prove (Reign Music)

Blesst released one of my favorite Baltimore albums of last year, Charmicidle, and the first leak from this new record, "The Difference," was dope, so I was definitely anticipating this. I don't know if it's quite on the same level as the last album, but Blesst is just a really solid rapper, always has a really listenable flow and a good ear for beats, so anything he does is worth checking out. I get a little bored with how much of his music is about success and getting famous, that kind of thing is kinda why I wrote that Might Don't Make It article. I don't think rappers realize that rap stardom isn't actual that interesting a topic for lyrics, even when actual stars like Drake rap about it all the time it's kinda boring, let alone someone who's still underground like Blesst. There's some good songs about real life shit on here too, though, so it's alright. Guests on here include Barnes and C.R. Da Show, and you can download it on

The Boy Blesst f/ Brian Ennals - "The World Don't Stop" (mp3)
Brian Ennals is kind of a newer rapper I reviewed a CD by a while back, cool to see him linking up with other good artists.

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I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't really dig Blesst voice so I don't listen to him a lot. But this mixtape/album is pretty darn good. And the track you posted with Brian Ennals is cool.
I think Blesst is hot, and I believe he can compete with the best
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