Friday, February 19, 2010

Brian Ennals - Untitled

Despite what this blog is called, it's not very often I get a chance to post about someone who actually raps under his government name. On the intro track, Brian Ennals refers to the CD as "volume 2 of this untitled mixtape series," so I guess he's even less into coming up with an album title than coming up with an MC name. He's from Severn and this record is my first time hearing him, and it's pretty good. He sings his own hooks so there's a little bit of R&B in there, but his production team Special Ops has its own unique sound so it doesn't come off like a trendy knockoff or whatever, although to be honest his singing reminds me of Ray J more than anyone else, which is not a good look. Still, not bad, definitely hear some potential here. You can download the mixtape at, and this was actually the #1 most downloaded release on the site one week in November.

Brian Ennals - "Last $2" (mp3)
This stood out for me as the one track where he was really spittin', lotta funny quotables in this song.

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Good looks Al, much appreciated.
Oh, and *dead* at the Ray J comparison. I'm in tears over here.
Yeah, that Ray-J comparison was pretty fucked up.
Nah but B. Ennals tape has some joints. It's def worth checking out.
I'm Diggin da Boy Music fareal.... Get at me mane!!
The Boy Blesst
Brian definitely held it down on the mixtape. Still laughing at the Ray J comparison. Good lookin' out on Al's part though.
Whats good Blesst? I'm digging your material as well. Get at me chief, lets make something happen. artivous@gmail.
Completely surprised by this mixtape. The joint KNOCKS!

First off, I don't hear the rayJ, on a second hand, he needs to autotune his sh!t or take some lessons, get a vocal coach, some of that singing is just OFF!!!

Second, the song writing is DOPE. Dude is current w/o really sounding like anything else or jumping on any bandwagons or swagger jacking. It's a realness, a very down to earth feel about the songs. Very honest.

And Special Ops is DOPE!!! Dude got BEATS.

I'm impressed.

"Rise" is a banger, Al you should posted THAT joint.
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