Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This week the Baltimore City Paper ran a cover story written by Jaye Hunnie about Keys, the female rapper who came to fame a couple months ago with a YouTube diss of Nicki Minaj. Alongside Jaye's lengthy article is my brief review of Keys's mixtape, Infiltration, and interestingly today it seems like all the feedback is about what I wrote, including a lengthy comments thread on the CP site, chatter on my Twitter, and people sending me personal messages on Facebook about how I'm 40 years old and shouldn't be writing about hip hop. Previously I'd only once briefly made a reference to Keys on Government Names, and had for the most part not written anything publicly about her because, to be honest, I was hoping this whole thing would blow over. I've long been a major supporter of the dozens of talented female rappers in Baltimore, and wrote a big CP story, Ladies First, about that part of the local hip hop scene 3 years ago, so to be honest I was just kind of bewildered that someone who wasn't any more talented than a lot of those artists who've been making records and doing shows for years got all this publicity the easy way, dissing a major label artist. Some people have made this out to be a personal vendetta or have implied that I've met Keys or have some kind of personal history there, but it's all just me being a music fan and calling it as I see it. I hope all this hubbub motivates some people who aren't already drinking the Kool-Aid to download Infiltration and call it as they see it, because seriously, it ain't all that. I hear 30 mixtapes as good as this or better out of Baltimore every year.

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Keyz is a clown, and so are the people who are pushing this shit. It's one thing to take the diss route with no motive other than pure hatred and jealousy, but to build all that hype, and then follow it up with so a SUPER DUPER BULLSHIT mixtape. No hit records, no memorable verses, sounding real AVERAGE and untalented. So fuck the 100 n something dick riders going at AL behind his review, shit thats the realest review he ever wrote. That girl should have known this shit wasnt gonna work from jump street, hope she enjoyed the fame while it lasted. Sorry honey bun, but you just simply don't have what it takes. Keyz mixtape = ASSCAKES, THROW IT IN THE BAG, A HEFTY BAG THAT IS
Sir, sometimes you truly are The Beacon Of Truth, and I really mean that. It's good to have you back!
have to agree with B. I have nothing against KEYZ but the points raised to support his position were 100% accurate. see this happen all the time....when will indie acts learn.

c lova

I haven't listened to her mixtape and really have no thoughts on listening to it! I watched the first video ONE TIME, didn't see the second and watched the "Official Video" ONE TIME. I have seen many female mcs from here in Baltimore, from the DMV and from NY. I have seen the good, the bad and the indifferent. I voice my opinion because it is just that my opinion. There are alot of times that I have disagreed with what you have said Al but at the end of it all, it is your opinion and that's what your job is. So for her "fans" to want to go down there wherever there is to confront you is just a childish mentality. I have had the discussion about her being lyrical! I don't see it. Maybe in the standards of todays music that is being played on the radio and the tv it's on point but on the standards of real true hip hop I'm not seeing of feeling it. I have been in the Baltimore scene for 3 yrs and I have never heard of her, seen her do a show or heard anyone talk about her until this diss. I like good independent music. I'm not an artists! I'm nobody! I'm a fan and lover of music! And someone said it best when they said she isn't ready for the industry! She has people looking at her because they think they are going to make money off of her! It's all a game! Learn the rules to the game before you look like a few other big Baltimore names who got signed but got let go and who are still running the streets of Bmore! I'm just saying!
markshotta- whn i first heard the keys diss i was very disapointed because she didnt say anything and it was lazy im glad nicki didnt respond and her mixtape is horrible i didnt like anysongs on there. well al keep doing wht your doing
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