Sunday, May 16, 2010

Skarr Akbar - The Pursuit Of Happyness (Akbar Enterprize)

Among the dozens of mixtapes that Skarr's dropped over the years, now and again he puts together one that feels a little more like a cohesive album like The Epidemic, instead of a more scattershot street mixtape full of freestyles. And this is one of those, just 12 songs, half of them produced by Skarr along with some beats by local producers like Dukeyman. However, on some tracks he does steal some beats produced by Just Blaze and Hi Tek, and also stole the title of the mixtape from a Will Smith movie, so hopefully the honorable Mr. Beenexposed is already on the case and will bring this terrible criminal to justice. If you've seen Skarr live or heard him on mixtapes in the last few months, you've probably already heard records like "Mr. Popularity" and "Ventilation" and "U Already Kno," but those are dope songs and everything else is about as consistent as that. I was just saying the other day how glad I was that is finally tagging their mixtapes properly, but then this wasn't tagged at all, which kinda sucks.

Skarr Akbar f/ Barnes - "A Yeah Tho" (mp3)
Never really heard these guys on the same song together besides a couple big posse cut remixes, so it's dope to hear them really put together a good song as a duo, a real standout on this tape.

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Really dope joint, aptly titled, and again, makes me MORE ready for the proper album.
do u mean.. tagged mp3's?
I mean when I download the files and open them in iTunes, the songs are completely unlabeled (no song titles, artist name, album name, etc.) and I have to type them all out myself. Usually with ABHH downloads at least the song titles are there, and with the last Jabril/Smash tape everything was there, but with this Skarr one there was nothing.
I got titles, no artist or album, though.
you have just got someone fired.... lol.. thanks good brotha
lol @ Ogun.
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