Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Here's the new video for "Step Aside" by the Doo Dew Kidz featuring Mullyman that's currently on MTV Jams (and I guess would be pretty much the first Baltimore club video to get in rotation there, if I'm not mistaken). It's directed by Gearie "The Grench" Bowman of Sleepin Giant Media, who always does great work, but visually this is really on a whole new level for him. I also love how they mix in a little bit of K.W. Griff's "Pork and Swift" for a little K-Swift tribute at the end.

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The video REALLY captures the feeling of being in a club, really makes you like the song more.

And the K-Swift tribute at the end is SO dope. The build up makes me wanna go down to the ollllllld Hammerjacks under the bridge!
love it.... i respect booman a lot... he doesnt talk he just makes it happen...and grench... mannn...
i that rogue in the video?
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