Friday, April 16, 2010

PenDragon - 24 (Team Arson)

PenDragon isn't the first rapper to make a mixtape in one day -- not even the first in Maryland since Kojo has done it a couple times -- but one thing I like about the way he did it is the spirit of spontaneity. He got the idea on a Thursday and executed it that Saturday, no planning or writing ahead of time and getting a whole finished product mixed down in the space of 24 hours. Of course, it's only 37 minutes long and has a number of freestyles over other people's beats, but I feel like there's a good relaxed vibe here, it feels casual and in the moment in a good way. And this was done in November, but as prolific as Drag is, he's got a new one coming soon. You can download this off

PenDragon - "DRAG x Black Sunn x Mydus" (mp3)
One thing I like about Drag is that he really listens to other Baltimore artists and checks for people outside his crew, which is sadly rare -- shit, sometimes he sends me links and knows about stuff before I have any idea. And one thing he's done a little in the past and does a lot more on this mixtape is rap over tracks by local artists, not like collabs but just he liked the song and decided to do something with it. On here he does it with songs by the Get Em Mamis, Lynee Michelle and The Black Sunn, and sent them all the mixtape to let them know it was a show of respect and not some track jacking thing. The Black Sunn kinda took it the wrong way and talked about it on Twitter like he was being leeched off of, and it's a shame he didn't really understand or appreciate the gesture, really more artists could stand to be like Drag. Hopefully they'll get on the same page at some point and do a real song together or something.

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Okay, I just listened this morning, my fave is prolly look at me, but on the mash ups where he takes a local emcees verse i was expecting that local artist to still be on the track.

I mean, Black Sunn shouldn't be mad but I could see the shakiness in it if I was Black sunn, I'd just Holla at Drag to see what was up.

Overall I dug it, I just wanted to say G.E.M still killed him on 'Alpines..." lol, But it's a few joints on here that are really fresh, definitely upset I slept on dude for so long.
I tell G.E.M "Alpines Kickin" is my favorite joint all the time. And to my defence I wrote it in about 20 minutes no lookin back racing the clock.

And nobody has to worry about me using any beats (given credit -- actually promoting them as well) anymore

Good lookin Peat
For the record:

PenDragon >>>>>> The Black Sunn
Damn Peat -- you going hard today.
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