Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kojo - I Did It In A Day 2 (Deep Flow Studios/Pressure Tank Productions/Dyzastar Ent.)

Kojo is a rapper from Annapolis that I've heard a couple projects from but wasn't really sure if I'd write about them here since this is really a Baltimore site and I'm not trying to cover the whole Annapolis territory. But I know he's tight with Deep Flow Studios and they're important in Baltimore and he works with some Bmore artists, so it's all good I guess. Kojo is kind of known for doing an entire mixtape in one day, did his first in 2005, and then did this sequel a year or so back. I was just thinking that he was kinda early on that trend because Saigon and Statik Selektah are about to release a CD they recorded in one day, and I also heard that Gucci Mane is gonna record a new mixtape the day he gets out of prison, so it seems like the thing to do now, and I gotta give him props for being early with that. I believe he's doing a 3rd in this series soon. There's a lot of guests on here, almost every song, and aside from TestMe and Amotion, I dont really recognize most of the names, I guess it's mostly Annapolis people. Some good production, but I really hate some of the R&B vocals on here. Deep Flow shot a DVD of the whole process of the day they made this that's packaged with the CD.

Kojo f/ TestMe - "Get It 4 U" (mp3)
I saw Kojo and TestMe perform this song together at Club Taste once, these guys go way back and it's cool that they still collaborate a lot, since TestMe is all over the radio now. It's funny, I always give TestMe a hard time for sounding too much like Lil Wayne, and there's footage of him rapping with Kojo on the DVD from back in like 2003 and 2004, and he did rap completely differently now, it's a shame he can't just sound like himself like he did back then. This song is dope, though.

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