Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rapdragons - "She Got Me (Moss of Aura Remix)" (mp3)
This is the first leak from Ten Stories Hijacked, the remix album companion to last year's Ten Stories High that Rapdragons are releasing on April 20th. Michael Byrne reviewed this remix in the City Paper recently, too. The original version was my least favorite song on the album, but this one is a definite improvement in that it doesn't remind me of Shwayze. The Rapdragons are performing a 'micro-show' at Mobtown Studios this Thursday, March 11th, see the Mobtown site for details (it's a small show so you gotta RSVP).

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OMG i see this guy so he works at the charles.

now i know...he raps.

if that is him...i think it is tho.


p.s. not going post crazy today...just had time to check out the

keep up the great work!
yeah, they both work at the Charles, as I explained in the article I wrote on them a few months back:
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