Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rapdragons - Ten Stories High (Ltd Comp)

I wrote a City Paper feature about the Rapdragons a couple months ago, but it occurred to me that I hadn't really posted about their album yet. I kinda talked about the album already in the article, but I think it's pretty fun, kind of takes the amateurish lo-fi feel of the whole Height/Round Robin rap scene they're affiliated with but combines it with an ignorant boastful rapping about blunts and bitches kinda mindset, which in a weird way is a fresh combination. You can download the album, and preview tracks from their next one, Featuring Baltimore, at the Ltd Comp site.

Rapdragons - "Bigwams" (mp3)
This track samples Bob Dylan's "Wigwam" and is one of the faster, funnier, and more weed-focused cuts on the album.

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Glad to see you back. I've been bored.

....still waiting on your thoughts on Smash, I think you dislike his music though.

As a matter of factly, I'd like to see a couple things here on GN for the twenty TEN!

1) More show coverage, you mainly do that for noise, thats cool.

2) Find Verb and direct him to a booth.

3) Make Ogun and Skarr put out proper albums( I know I'm asking a lot.)

4) More thoughts on Barnes.

5) I'd also like to see you do a 'search and discover' piece. I know you usually review/comment on what you get, but find a gem in the rough for us.

6) (Another stretch) Start a youtube page and post notable moments from shows you've seen.

7) Find Tiffany Couture and Half Pint and see what they been up to, I'd like to see them get better.

Maybe I'll think of more later. lol

Kudos on the job you DO do though, I'm a fan.
Haha, I had today's Smash post on deck even before I saw your comment! Eerie. Anyway, some good questions/suggestions.

1) Going to shows and writing about them is exhausting and something I only really do for paying outlets like CP/Noise these days.

4) Does Barnes put out many songs in between major projects? I'd love to get chances to post his stuff more often but I never seem to see it unless there's an album or mixtape out.

5) A whole lot of what I post is on a 'search and discover' tip on some level, even if most of what I post about these days is sent to me. I probably wouldn't necessarily present that stuff in the way you seem to be suggesting, though, because I feel like each thing should have its own post, but I am kinda open to new formats if they make sense.

6) I might start doing some stuff with video/youtube this year, but it probably won't involve live footage, partly because I have no desire to shoot it, and partly because I feel like live footage is hard to do well and rarely enjoyable on its own.

2, 3 and 7 are up to the artists, I can't make anyone do anything (although I definitely plead with some people to drop albums or step up their activity, publicly or privately, including some of those people). But thanks for the feedback!
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