Wednesday, March 03, 2010

DJ Class - Blue Lava EP (ClassHeat Records)

When I saw on DJ Class's Twitter a while back that he was going to be releasing a new EP on the iTunes store, I was pretty excited, since he's been on such a hot streak with all his new tracks over the past year and change since "I'm The Ish." So when I sat down to listen to and write about the record, I was really kind of surprised how much I disliked it, which probably came out a little too strongly in my recent review for the City Paper's Noise blog. Anything Class drops is definitely well produced and worth hearing, but I really wasn't feeling the way he went with the AutoTune/synth-heavy sound of "I'm The Ish" even further to the point that it barely sounds like Baltimore club music and kinda sounds like generic 'urban pop' or something. Still, this is just 6 tracks I wasn't feeling, and maybe he's just holding back the really good shit still for Alameda & Coldspring. Here's a video I was sent of DJ Class in the studio with the singer Monica Rush.

DJ Class - "Holla" (mp3)
As I mentioned in the review, this is really the track with the most over Baltimore club vibe, with "Think" drums and everything, but really it's my favorite because it's got a nice laid back vibe and some slick Class raps.

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