Monday, March 29, 2010

Comp - The Pay Attention Edition (Mr. Pay Attention/Love Me Or Hate Me Ent./Bang-A-Rang Gang/Shape Shifter Ent.)

Comp just dropped his first official album last summer, but he drops mixtapes that might as well be albums all the time, and true to his work ethic he's back barely six months later with a mixtape full of original productions. And more importantly, for the first time this tape has production credits on all the tracks, and you can really see how many of the beats Comp did himself. I always knew he produced some tracks going back to his earliest releases, but I had no idea how proficient he was until this mixtape, where he did all but 2 beats on the mixtape, with one of the others done by Jay Funk. And even though his sound is definitely kinda weird and low budget, I really respect his grind as a producer, not many other rappers in the city who can do both that well. It's definitely lighter material than the album, the kinda more playful, laid back Comp that you tend to get on mixtapes, but it's still pretty good. The "Where They Do That At?" remix (with Pork Chop, Skarr Akbar, Smash, 100 Grandman, Barnes, Los, Bossman, Paula Campbell and Mullyman, among others) is a bonus track at the end, and you can download the whole thing at

Comp - "Wut Else" (mp3)
When I wrote about his The Man With The Hand album last year, my one big criticism is that Comp's been the NYC rapper "what else" ad lib and really running it into the ground, and I even counted out 44 times he said it in the course of the whole CD. So I have to say it was pretty hilarious to put in this new mixtape, and the second track not only is called "Wut Else," but features him saying the phrase 42 times just in that one song. I didn't have the energy or patience to count "what else"'s for the whole CD this time, but he says it 19 times on the next song, "Action Figure," so he's really stepping it up. I'm not as annoyed by it anymore, maybe because I'm just numb to it now, but I still think it's lame to take a really played out phrase from another city and make it your 'thing,' Comp is creative enough that he should be able to come up with his own signature ad lib.

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THANKS! I was waiting for you to review this.

I was dissappointed about his album. I mean, it's not terrible, it just wasn't his best, and yeah, I am still disgruntled about production credits although I think he produced it all himself.

Anyway, on to the next, THE LOVE MEDS!!! Tell us what you think.
I like the Love Meds. Good stuff.
do The Love Meds have a full-length release out? all I have is 3 individual tracks that were sent to me last year, and they kinda made me shrug and go "I'll wait until there's an album to post about them."
No full project that I know of.
I don't think they have a full length. But they have this joint called "Runaway" and Nummy has a couple hip hop mixtape joints out and the song "One Night in Baltimore" with a bunch of 'right now' folks on t.

But "Runaway" is my jam, if you have that can you post the mp3??? The sites I see it on it only allows you to stream it.
Nah, don't have that one.
I think people forget how much COMP was in New York 9 and 10 years ago. He has had a lot of music and ideas stolen from him being at the young age he was. It isn't hard to believe that some things in New York came from cats in B-More instead of vice versa. I think DMX and Tupac would agree that they were both heavily influenced by their time in Baltimore.
You're saying Comp might have come up with the "what else" thing as an unsigned 15-year-old, despite having never said it on records until like a year ago, and Joe Budden and Red Cafe and Cam'ron and all those other cats stole it from HIM? Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here.
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