Monday, February 08, 2010

Here's Ace's latest video, "Real Niggas / Dippin' Out" from the Minority Report album. The comments section here was rough on his last video I posted, "Story To Tell," but Ace keeps sending me more so I guess he can take it.

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I'm calling the police...I want this guy arrested for Hip-Hop abuse...ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS?...YOU ARE AWFUL..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP RAPPING sat up and shot a video and a half about absolutely NOTHING, just you saying a bunch of random bullshit that you thought sounded right
It's not actually THAT terrible, the beats are hot and the raps are aiight, he's far from the BEST rapper but he can ride a beat. I enjoyed the E-Watts beat, and that Banga Bill beat was a lil different than what I'm used to from him.
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