Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A couple months ago I posted Ace's single "Story To Tell," featuring Will Starr and produced by Banga Bill, and here's the video for the track.

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I fux with this song!

DRAG why you lyin...this shit is butt...STICK TO HUSTLIN SIR if you even really do that, cause I swear you look like this dude who stay working doubles at Downtown Locker Room...If you just rap for the fuck of it, I wont argue with that..but far as you ever being SELLABLE...you can forget about it, man you couldnt give that cd away for free as a toy in a cereal box..and Banga Bill should be ashamed of himself, im starting to think you Baltimore producers only work with niggas if they "look" like they can protect you in certain neighborhoods, pussies........NEXT !
im talking bout the dude in the video Drag not you....on and on a side note, that dude following you around in the video in the white hoody, is a well known PUSSY, so trying to look HARD in the video pretty much went out the window when his clown ass stepped in
jesus, Beacon, you know I gave you your nickname with a little bit of sarcasm, right? you're feeling yourself a little bit with your speaking-truth-to-peers schtick, tone it down a notch.
Damn B.O.T. you a wild boy! I fucks wit you though. I just like the song - it's like 15 Ace's in the city. I still say u need a blog.
yes sir i was well aware of the sarcasm involved with the suggestion of using this alias, now I need you to be aware of the sarcasm involved in me actually using it....Tone it down?...I will do no such thing. Niggas either goin step up to industry standard, or im gonna slaughter them verbally, simple as that. Everytime somebody reaches out and attempts to give baltimore a little spot light, some garbadge ass nigga like this one is always standing there to hop in it and embarrass us all..Just like Bossman did on BET's "The Deal" when he kicked that corny ass freestyle about his fucking belt, after all the hype they built up for him on that show, and he fuckin blew it...Los would have got the job done, Barnes would have got the job done, COMP would have got the job done, Mully...well maybe not Mully...but the point is, bullshit niggas must be de-rooted and banned from participation
beacon whats your real name? do u rap aswell?
yeah, you need your own blog where you can go piss people off in the style you choose to, I piss people off enough here as it is.
"Step up to industry standards?" That's not saying much. A lot of what the industry puts out is bullshit. Stepping up to the standards would be having the money to promote it and force feed it down people's throats until they like it. The industry is hurting right now. Rather than stepping up to it, step out from it and make your own lane. If you want to keep comparing underground or independent music to the industry you'll never like anything. Let the cycle continue of sheep following sheep.
damn, anonyhomie up there just dropped a little truth bomb
I'm not comparing underground too industry, im comparing BULLSHIT to GOOD SHIT, nomore of that inbetween shit will be tolerated on my watch sir, hell to da NO. Its too many niggas out here that cant get it done to be handing out pitty parties to niggas who might be able to one day. Fuck ONE DAY, Barnes can get it done TODAY, Los can get it done TODAY(if he gets somebody to write songs for him, cuz he sucks at that) Backland can get it done TODAY, COMP can get it done...if not TODAY definatly TOMORROW...ice these half ass niggas out and reserve those outlets and resources for artists that are not gonna waste them. Just like today im in my car, and I hear Squirrel Wyde on radio talking bout "yea go on the website and vote for Mully Man (she hurt'em) vs Teflon Donna (some random BS song)..and im after all me and my crew went through to get the program director fired so niggas could get some air play, your gonna waste it on this bullshit? THATS THE SHIT that pisses me off, Mully makes a good song here and there, but come on now its a no brainer when it comes to "She Hurt'em", that shit is all around ASS, how the fuck did Mully NOT know before he left the studio? How the fuck did Squirrel and Neke NOT know that before advertising that shit on the radio..WTF are you ppl doing man? You niggas act like you have no common sense, you all just do WHATEVER but then act like you care about Baltimore Hip-Hop. If you care then stop babying these niggas and hold shit down, if its bullshit get that shit outta here. Nigga if you was in the club, and say Gucci Mane came on and everybody started goin nuts in the club right, and then right after Gucci Mane, Mully Man song "She Hurtin'em" came on, man everybody would clear the dance floor, go get drinks, start talking, going to the bathroom, sitting down and etc. Who the fuck is gonna listen to 92Q when Nicki Minaj song goes off and Teflon Donna comes on behind it? NOBODY, niggas goin hit that button and go to 95.5, but I bet if them Get'em Mami's came on behind Nicki Minaj ah maufuka would hesitate changing that station..its not hard people, stop acting like im crazy, like this dont make sense, The talent show is OVER, get SERIOUS or GET LOST, this the real deal now, time to start treating Baltimore Hip-Hop like its already huge, make smarter moves, no more promo for so so's.
On a side note, TRIGGA is an ASS CLOWN and I HOPE YOU READ THIS PUSSY, talking bout you Mr 92Q, motherfucker how many spins you get this year? 2? "W"igga PLEASE SIT DA FUCK DOWN, im starting to get embarred on YOUR behalf, you try so hard to look huge when your just an ANT. Have some humble pie sir, your not HOT you aint even luke warm. Your ass was the gingerbread man when the D.O.C niggas pulled ya card down 5 seasons, talk all that gangsta shit on them songs but you let that nigga carry you ON STAGE, in front of EVERYBODY, and now you want respect? White boy this aint 8 Mile, you cant get bitched then think some FAKE 92Q love going save you...ITS OVER...get a job sir, join the KKK, do something.
somebody shoot beacon stupid ass please......bitch! stop hiding behind your keyboard. u song like the ultimate hater, jay-z has a line in "already home" about goofballs like u.."everybody tell u how to do it...they never did it"....

put up or shut up faggot! and in all honesty...we will tear the shirt straight off your back when we see your lame ass
OK, if people can't be cool and start being comments box gangstas, I might start deleting shit or disabling comments, so everybody chill the fuck out.

That said, it's really funny to see someone call out Trigga, since all I know of him is that he's constantly promoting a song "featuring Bun B and Sean Kingston" that's just his verse added to a single Bun B released 2 years ago, which is one of the saddest "fake it til you make it" moves I've ever seen in this fuckin' town.
lol i got a MySpace message from Trigga last night, and i thought it was gonna be him reacting to the last comment i posted here, but nope, just more endless self-promotion blasts
Trigga raps like Nicki Minaj. But it ain't sexy. He seems pretty real though. I know somebody's feeling this bubba sparx shit. But, BeaconO.T.? Straight Hater #1. Dude probably raps and then it's just even sadder. But, no matter what, this fool is just a hater who loves to hate, who would clearly win any Playa Hater's Ball if it weren't for Silky Johnson. Hate, hate, hate, hate!!
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