Monday, December 21, 2009

P.T. Burnem - Paper Cranes

P.T. Burnem is another one of the newer acts out of the Baltimore indie hip hop scene that I've got into this year from contributing to the Height With Friends album and performing at the Baltimore All-Rap Round Robin. And it's funny, the impression I got from his performance at that show was that he was almost on some futuristic sci-fi rap tip, maybe because he was wearing weird goggles and kinda giving off this serious vibe compared to some of the other acts there. But really his stuff is pretty approachable and easy to understand, really talking about some normal real life shit, and he has a deep voice and concise delivery that I think make him sound a little more like a traditional hip hop head than most white indie rappers tend to come off as. Height makes some guest appearances and there's some kind of far-out rock instrumentation on here like there was on his album, but the whole thing hangs together as an album really well despite being kind of all over the place. P.T. Burnem is playing at the Charm City Art Space this Tuesday.

P.T. Burnem - "Baltimore 09" (mp3)
This song kind of doubles as one of the more accessible traditional hip hop songs on the album, and a scathing indictment of the Baltimore hip hop scene.

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I consider turning off comments on this site at least once a week.

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