Thursday, January 15, 2009

Height With Friends - Baltimore Highlands (Wham City)

This week I in the City Paper I reviewed the new record by Height With Friends, which is kind of a new group project by a rapper from Baltimore named Height, and I also did a Q&A with him on the Noise blog. When I wrote about Height's last album, Winterize The Game, on this site a couple years ago, I kinda explained how I think he's kind of an anomaly in Baltimore hip hop, a guy who has one foot in the indie rock scene but has been rapping and making records for years and years and is really committed to that. And it's funny because the local rap scene has gotten so much more diverse and accepting of more out-there type rappers in the past couple years that I feel like he fits in the context of this site more now than he did when I wrote that post in '07. Anyway this album is pretty dope and you can hear a lot of music on his site, and he's playing a release party on Friday.

Height With Friends - "Cold And Shaken" (mp3)
This is the last song on the album and really one of my favorites, kinda comes in with this big booming beat that's different from the rest of the album and ends it on a high note. It's also one of the more collaborative tracks on the record, featuring musical contributions from Mickey Free, King Rhythm, Jones and the band Wye Oak.

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